Welcome to Belowdex!



What should I expect to find in my BELOWDEX package?

CONGRATULATIONS! You are now part of an elite group of efficient, cutting-edge boaters.  Inside your BELOWDEX box you will find:

  • BELOWDEX antenna which attaches to your cell phone (iOS 9 or greater)
  • BELOWDEX RFID tags – pre-programmed, UHF Generation 2. No batteries required!
  • Easy tag application instructions
  • Non-technical operators instruction (plug and play)
  • BELOWDEX charging cable
  • 1 year FREE membership to download add-on’s and up-dates
  • BELOWDEX boat decal


Which BELOWDEX package should I choose?

At ShipShape Technology we have made purchasing a snap! Simply select your boat category (26-40 ft, 41-65 ft, 66 ft and above) and we will ship BELOWDEX with the appropriate number of safety and essential pre-programmed tags.
Require more tags? No problem! Simply purchase our individual add-on tag packages. ShipShape Technology will program tags with the list you wish to add.


How does BELOWDEX work using RFID technology?

RFID technology operates on radio frequency. The BELOWDEX antenna sends out a UHF 902-928 MHz frequency and detects the tags. RFID frequency bounces back to the BELOWDEX antenna which then creates a validated list.


Will RFID tags require batteries?

No, that's one of the biggest advantages to the BELOWDEX design. Once tags are secured (according to instructions) they are permanent! There is no maintenance required! The tags only need to be replaced should they become damaged, or when items (such as fire extinguisher) are replaced.


How do I add/replace tags?

EASY! ShipShape Technology allows you to purchase additional tag packages on this site.
In addition to mandatory safety equipment, we all have certain items we deem important to have on board. Simply provide us with an itemized list and ShipShape Technology will assign tags to to the list; next you download the file we supply you and BOOM! BELOWDEX is personalized to your individual requirements.


How do I set up BELOWDEX with my boat identification and equipment expiry dates?

ShipShape Technology will provide you with a quick “users guide” video link for EASY, ONE TIME set up. The video will aid you in:

  • Personalizing BELOWDEX initial screen with your name, contact info, boat name, license
  • Entering expiry dates on items such as flares
  • Finally, demo of how to navigate each screen when the app is launched!


“BELOWDEX assists in finding items taken off my boat”, how does that work?

That's the coolest part of RFID technology! If you have removed your BELOWDEX RFID tagged multi-tool from the boat, you probably brought it into your house, garage or car. Simply launch “Locate” on BELOWDEX aerial (attached to your cell phone) and as you search your home, garage or car, the signal will increase as you approach the vicinity of the tool. …no more frustrating hours of searching.


How do I know my BELOWDEX will meet marine safety standards where I am cruising?

According to Marine law, regardless of where you are cruising in North America, your boat must be equipped with safety items required by law in the jurisdiction that your boat is licensed within. When you purchase your version of BELOWDEX we will contact you for licensing information so that we may personalize BELOWDEX to location specifications.


Since BELOWDEX validates that my vessel is properly equipped, complete with time and date, will that lower my insurance costs?

ShipShape Technology is working to inform marine insurers of the value of the BELOWDEX validation system. We will keep all of our customers informed of our progress.


Is BELOWDEX recognized by marine police?

If your vessel is boarded and does not comply with marine safety standards it can be up to $200+ fine for each item police fail to locate.

ShipShape Technology has had meaningful communication and feedback from both US Coast Guard and Canadian Police. It is to everyone’s benefit – boaters can present the SUCCESSFUL VALIDATION (with expiry dates) screen when boarded. However, Police must do a physical search to see the state of items (a tattered, improper sized life jacket, although tagged, is not acceptable). BELOWDEX allows you to pinpoint the exact location of each item stored in your cabin to expedite the procedure. No more awkward fumbling to locate items!



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